Haiti is known as a country using a abundant cultural historical that manifests themselves in the many traditions held intended for weddings. Whether it be through music, food, or maybe a walk over the aisle, haitian marriage ceremony traditions are filled with color and life. Under we take a look at 13 haitian wedding traditions that show the community-oriented nature of Haitian lifestyle.

Rather of investing in expensive wedding invitations, haitian couples favor to spread the word about the big day through personal. This is more intimate women from haiti and permits the few to connection with their guests even before the ceremony.


A lot of money is usually invested in foodstuff at a haitian wedding ceremony reception, and it makes up the most the overall cost of the event. An average menu will incorporate staples like diri ak pwa (rice and beans), plantains, salads, and pikliz, as well as some exotic meat dishes such as griot, goat, conch and chicken. Wine beverage and bourbon are also offered.

Not like various other cultures in which the cake-cutting ceremony occurs at the marriage venue, haitian couples mail their wedding cakes residence unsliced for them to enjoy it for a few days following. This is a great way for the newlyweds to thank the young families for their support and celebrate with them in their homes.

A great quantity of Haitian marriages are stored at church. https://blog.zencare.co/long-distance-relationship-communication/ The ceremony can often last for over three several hours, and it typically may include performances by multiple choir selections, as well as a rollo from the porquerizo officiating the wedding.